Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feeling like Dorothy

earlier today..

my current situation...

we take tornado warnings very seriously here...oooobviously.
note to self: buy bear a helmet tomorrow I think he's feeling left out.
we are supposed to lose power soon so I'm keeping this short..any of you going through this storm system as well please stay safe! 

Today's workout

spin class 
a tricep workout that looked like this:

Dips on a bench with feet raised15,12,12, 10
Tricep kickback 15 lb dumbbell12, 10, 10

Skull crusher12, 12, 12
Overhead tricep extension 20 lb dumbbell 12, 10, 10

Close grip barbell press12, 10, 10

Straight bar push down 30 lb  15,12, 10, 8

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