Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy squaterday

Oh wow do I have a leg workout for you. When your legs feel like jello and it hurts to sit down you KNOW it's been a good leg day. 

 Today's workout

Circuit 1 (perform 3 sets)
Squats-15 reps: 95 lbs
Superset with 20 jump squats

Circuit 2  (perform 3 sets)
Split squat on smith machine(10 each leg)
Superset with 20 bench jumps

Circuit 3 (perform 3 sets)
Walking DB lunges-12 reps each side
Super set with bench step ups (lighter weight)- 12 reps each side, one side at a time!

Finish off with leg extensions 3x15 reps......enjoy!

Trust me your butt will thank me later :)

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